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About The Escapade Team

        At Escapade Electric Bicycles, We Specialize in Powerful E-bikes and Long Range E-bikes. We are a Direct E-Bike Dealer. We also Manufacture and Test each Escapade E-Bike in Fond du Lac, WI USA.

          We are a small business with two workshops and one repair shop/store front. We also Repair E-Bikes, Build Custom E-Bikes and Repair many other electric vehicles.


          We are a small, yet strong team pushing the limits of E-bikes. We Test our Electric Bicycles through Real World Situations and Tough Challenges. We also test our accessories before we recommend anything.  

We Stand Firm behind our Products.


    We Have made it Our Mission to Provide only the Best Customer Service and to provide our Customers with Only Premium Gear and Equipment for their Next Escapade. We strive for a Customer Service Rating of

 6 out of 5 stars.

    We Believe Life is meant for Living in the Moment, Experiencing New Places and Enjoying the Journey Along the Way, so Grab your Gear and

Get Out there Today! 

From Wave to Movement,

with one E-Bike at a time,

we all do our part helping maintain this Earth.

The only place we all can call Home.

    Officially Founded January 21, 2021 in

Fond du Lac WI, USA by Brett Herdt.

Powerful, Long Range E-Bikes

Escapade Electric Bicycles

Remember the Journey

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Powerful, Long Range E-Bikes

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