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How long does my Escapade E-bike battery last until I need to replace the battery?

On average li-ion e-bike batteries last about 1000 cycles until performance is noticeably effected. Some people report over 1500 cycles without performance issues.

What is Escapade Electric Bicycles'  Return Policy?

All e-bike and battery sales are final. Other item return policies are in item description. 

Does Escapade Electric Bicycles build custom electric bicycles?

Yes Escapade can build you a custom E-Bike. Please contact a representative for more details.

How can I make my Electric Bicycle faster?

Depends on a number of factors. 
The donor bike. Your desired speed. The motor style. Etc. Please contact a representative for more information.

How do I Buy an Escapade E-Bike?

You can purchase an Escapade E-Bike by contacting a representative by phone or email. Shipping and pick up available.

How long does it take to receive me Escapade E-Bike after ordering?

Depending on Location, 1 - 6 weeks. Our average fulfillment time is about 2 weeks.

Does Escapade Electric Bicycles accept Bitcoin or Crypto currencies?

Currently we do not accept crypto currencies. We plan to accept crypto currencies in the future.

How can I buy a second battery for my Escapade E-Bike?

Please Contact a Representative.

Does Escapade Electric Bicycles convert regular bicycles?

Escapade Electric Bicycles may be able to convert your bicycle. Depends on the donor bicycle and the condition it is in. 

Please Contact a representative for further details.

Can I register my Escapade E-Bike at the DMV?

In most cases, yes. Headlight, tail light, and turn signals will be required for registration in most USA States.

Can riding in the rain damage my e-bike?

Escapade Electric Bicycles are water resistant, yet we do recommended to keep your ebike in dry conditions. Riding in the rain can cause interference with electronics.

Is it difficult to ride an e-bike?

If you can ride a bicycle, you will most likely love riding an e-bike. 

How fast can a 1000w ebike travel?

Do you offer mid drive motors on custom builds?

Is it normal that the battery is warm to the touch?

Does Escapade E-Bikes buy used e-bikes?

Top speed of a 1000w direct drive Escapade E-bike is about 32 mph.

Yes we can install mid drive motors on custom builds and modify existing e-bikes.

While riding at higher speeds and long distances, you may notice the battery warmer than usual. This is normal.

We do buy some used e-bikes.

Powerful, Long Range E-Bikes

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